I-140 RFE - Experience Letters - Help Please


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My Labor just certified and i am in the process of filing I-140. I may face similar experience lik you guys. As some of you posted already, my two previous companies acquired by different company and i now do not know any one in the acquired companies. I have no contacts with my co-workers. But, i do have old references dated back December 2004 which we submitted for Labor certificate. Can anyone tell me if these references would be good to prove that i have job experiences from previous companies?


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I140 RFE - Expierence letters

Hi Arun,

I got RFE on job duties and skill set. Could you please send me the format of experience letter that I have to submit?


Similar case RFE ...

Send the Experince letters along with the Resume;
Approved within couple of weeks
Let me know if you have issues getting experience letters from the employer if taht is the case you can get from your x-Co-wokers too bu make sure that you get it notralized.... if you need formats let me know.

Good luck


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I am in the same situation. i can not get an experience letter..what did you do ? Was it approved?
My employer refuses to give me the letter.
Your help would be much appreciated as the deadline to my RFE is coming up very soon.
As of today i have the following:
4 notarized affidavits from ex coworkers
backdated letter showing at least 1 year of experience (LC minimum is 6 months)
Copy of H-1B petition under the same title as on the LC
paystubs and tax returns
2 notarized affidavits from Clients
Letter as evidence of my experience from one of my previous supervisor on his current company letterhead and his notarized affidavit

What do you think?


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4 notarized affidavits from your ex coworkers should be enough. I did get my Green card approved immediately after this. What you are doing is fine. You are in the right direction.

Good Luck to you.


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I-140 RFE under EB2. Detail expereince required

Hi All,

I got an RFE for I-140 asking about more detail work expereince letter which my employer is not willing me to provide.

Can you someone please assist me what can I do? Any help would me much appreciated.