i-140 RFE / Applied PP


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I've received REF and it has stated that 2 issues,

Issue 1. DOS record shows that 2012-2014 I was a client employee.

I have placed in client location 2012 and I have applied my H1 extension in 2014. Now, DOS requesting to submit DS 160 but I could find it. I did check with consulate but no back for them as well. Now, I have submitted, my old visa copies, w2, and payslips.

Issue 2 : Designation mismatch between Petition and PERM. Ask the concern documents to prove the designation.

I am working with an Indian company. I have mentioned my destination on the experience letter as per the Indian grade like Executive Engr, Asst.Mgr, etc when applied PERM. We have mentioned Industrial design engineer on the Petition. Now, they raised the issue that Designation does not match with the petition and PERM record.

Can you please guide me on what kind of explanations I should provide? and is there any difficulty to get approval i-140 and H1 ext-Non CAP?

Thank you