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I-140+Premium Processing

Discussion in 'Tracker, I-140, Texas Service Center' started by arun_2681, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. arun_2681

    arun_2681 Registered Users (C)

    Dear Experts,

    My I-140 @ premium processing was submitted by my company lawyers on Sep 4, 2015. Since Sep 7 was a public holiday (Labor Day), it should have ideally reached the USCIS TSC by Sep 9.
    Since Premium processing provides a 15 calendar day processing guarantee, should I expect a reply (approval or otherwise) by tomorrow, Sep 24, 2015 ?

    Does the 15 calendar day clock start when USCIS receive the application package from the courier service.

    The lawyers have still not received the receipt notice. Would you say this is a bit odd, as they should have ideally receive sometime last week.


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