I-140 of spouse approved by previous employer, will H4 EAD get affected?


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Hello Friends,
This is regarding how to file my H4 EAD. My husband has his I-140 approved from the previous employer, it got approved on 30th Jan 2019. He joined his present employer on 15th jan 2019. The previous employer has provided us with the I-140 copy as well.

My question is:
1. With the previous employer I-140 if i apply for my H4 EAD, will it get approved?
2. While applying for EAD previous employer I-140, and remaining I-94 and I-797 of the present employer to be provided; will that be an issue in getting approval?

Will be awaiting a response on this matter.
Thank you in advance.


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Yes, go ahead submit I-140 approval notice from previous employer. Keep in mind your H-4 EAD will be approved until H-1B approval time of your spouse from current employer.


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Thank you for your reply.
should I apply by myself or shall I hire an attorney and send through him the documents? since my husband's current employer will not help.

Kindly revert. Thank you.