I-140 Denied

Raj Prasath

New Member
My previous employer I-140 was revoked after I moved to new employer, I stayed with my previous employer more than an year after the I-140 approved. With my current employer I-140 was ended up in denial after RFE and NOID due to educational evaluation. My PERM and I-140 was filled in EB2 and I have completed MCA and BSC (3+3 full time).
As per my company immigration team USCIS is not accepting MCA as master degree and so that the reason they have denied my I-140.

My question is H1B is going to max out in May 2017, I have just another 5 full months for max out. What are the best options that I can take now? Refile I-140 with the current PERM or apply new PERM by checking yes to this field "Is there an alternate combination of education and experience that is acceptable?" because this field was checked No on my current PERM, so that I believe USCIS is not accepting my education as master degree but my company immigration team is not agree with this statement.

What all other options to get my H1B 7th year extension? Please advise. Thank you for your time and help.