I-140 denied. Please Help!!!!


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My I-140 in EB3 got denied. The reason is that – there was a mistake in my filing. The educational evaluation done in PERM indicates that beneficiary has the equivalent of a bachelor's degree based on beneficiary's education and work exp.
Part H.8 of ETA 9089 does not indicate the employer will accept the equiv of a Bachelor's degree based on work experience.
Part H.14 does not indicate the employer will accept a suitable combination of education and/or experience in lieu of the listed educational requirements.
Since the H8 and H14 are already certified, the attorney’s have filed a motion to re-open based on a new educational evaluation (which includes only the degrees and the diplomas) and states that beneficiary’s degrees and diploma’s are equivalent to a USA bachelor’s degree. My 6th year of H1 expires March,09.
Q. What do you think my chances are of getting an approval of I-140?
Q. If my motion to re-open gets denied, can I file for I-140 again? Please answer?

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1) If you do not have a single bachelor’s degree, you may still have problem for the "equivalent to a USA bachelor’s degree" this time again.

Please see http://www.greencardapply.com/news/news07/news07_0515.htm

2) Yes, you can file for I-140 again. But it is better to file PERM again to include the "Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent" in the PERM condition at the first place.


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wouldnt it be better to have just put "no education" required and avoid this who thing? thats the route i'm going, just 2 years experience is required, no degree's or equivalent