Husband I140 & my I140(denied case) combined and hence 485 terminated


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Make sure your I485 was applied as a derivative of your husband's I485. If so, you can do MOTR with USCIS and tell them to re-process your I485.


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Am not sure about that as of yet now...we are trying to find out..My compnay says its has applied as a derivative of my husband. Am not sure if my company is lieing or saying the in a fix...

If I were you, I would get a copy of your 485 submission from the lawyer. He should give it you as this is your petition. You can check exactly what was submitted.

And then you can take appropriate steps..


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seniors need help/suggestion - I-140 Denied - No appeal

My 140 was denied on ability to pay, my company which is ver very small household business refused to file the MTR/Appeal.
At present on EAD, I-485 pending.

What are my options now?

Labor PD: Nov 2003.
Labor approved: August 2006.

AS MY SENIORS I NEED YOUR SUGGESTIONS HELP.Any phone number or email id appreciated.I AM REALLY TENSED