How to update approved I-824

Hi Friends,
I am an employment based green cards holder and got married before the approval of my green card.
I filed I-824 application to got my family here in USA. Application was approved by USCIS in June 2008. While filling, my attorney made a mistake and did not put my baby's name in the application as derivative of the benefits but just my wife's name. State department is saying that I need to have my child's name in the application to get this application processed by state department.
Can you please guide me, How can I get my child's name added to the approved I-824 application?
Is there any other way to get this change done by the state department? Your help shall be really appreciated.
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No need to. When you fill out DS230 for the consulate. Add the baby`s name to it. and take the birth certificate to the interview. I am in the same situation but my 824 is still not approved .email me at if you have any questions.

I am not an attorney .So confirm before you take any steps .Do not quote my words.