How to update a I-140 number in I-485 form

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I have a quick question regarding the I-140 receipt number for I-485. I currently have two I-140 filed (EB-1 and EB-2) with one I-485 pending. One of my I-140 got recently rejected but the other one was approved. I am wondering if I need to update my I-485 with the approved I-140 as the I-485 was filed based on the receipt number of the rejected I-140. I was told that I-485 will not be rejected as there is a I-140 to support the I-485 form. But, I do not know whether that happens automatically or I need to contact USCIS to let them know that the receipt number of the approved I-140 needs to be used for my pending I-485. Can anyone please help me? Thank you!


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You need to interfile & let USCIS know that your pending I-485 should be tied to approved I-140. Find out I-485 service center & notify them of approved I-140. Interfiling is sometimes automatic but it is good idea to notify USCIS before they deny I-485 since it was associated with denied I-140.