How to make the girlfriend come to USA???


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How a LPR gets the girlfriend come to USA???

I'm a LPR and I have a girlfriend in China, could anyone offer solutions on how to get her come to the USA to join me? Thanks a lot in advance!

The possible solutions are as below but neither one is easy:
[Not married now, then she has a chance to apply visa by herself]
1. F1 visa through TOEFL/GRE (but it's hard a single woman who is working and approaching 30 years old to get a F1 visa)
2. B1 visa (when she arrives in USA we can get married and file her I-485 right away so that she can stay in US and wait for green card)
3. L1/H1 visa (try to transfer her job to the US office of her employer which is a US company, but it's hard to pursuade her boss for an approval)

[Married now, then she couldn't come to USA before she obtain her LPR through me. Maybe I'm wrong on this?]
4. LPR (when I obtain my citizenship in USA which is 2.5 years away from now I can apply LPR for her, but it's too long to wait. To apply her LPR now based on my LPR will hold her from coming to the US for 6~7 years due to the big backlog)

So I don't know when we should get married and how to move her to the USA. Please help!!! Thank you so much!
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Unfortunately there is no easy way to get a visa for your gf. The fastest way would be to apply for the fiancée visa. This process will still take from 6 to 10 months. She will most likely get the k1 visa, but then you have 90 days in which to get married.

If you want to meet her then I suggest you come to China to do that (since you will have to have met anyway for the K1 visa to be approved). The cost will be much cheaper that way, and you can get a Chinese visa in a few days.