How much time for 485 receipt


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My friend had sent I-485 and I-140 application along with AP and EAD application. His appliaction is little complicated as his company is using a labor approval they obtained for some other guy for their organization.

Does this dealy the issue of recipt notice ?
Do we get 485 receipt only after I-140 is approved ?
How much time it usually takes for a recipt to be issued for an I-485 application in vermont ?
Anyone in the same situation ?

Any helpful replies would be appreciated
He has sent the application in the first week of August and haven't heard anything since then

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Mine was also a substitute labor application with no concurrent processing. After I-140 got approved in June, my attorney finally applied my I-485 on end of June. I finally got the receipts on 12th August. So in my case it took more than a month to receive the receipt.

Substitute labor application has got nothing to do with the later 485 processing. It will never delay the receipt generation.

Hope that helps.

I have applied in Aug month ending , mine is concurrent
processing , so far I haven't received both RD and ND .
I am also waiting for those.
I am also waiting for those.
Please let me know if any body in the same boat and have any information.
Regarding receipt

One of my friend just applied his wife's 485 and waiting for the receipt. Just want to know whether you got the 485 receipt, if yes after how many days...

I got my receipts one month ago.....and today
Online status shows that my EAD got approved.
26th September 2003 (Receipt Dated)
EAD #December 28 ,2003(Approval).
AP #9th Feb(Approval)