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how K3 process works

Discussion in 'General K Visas and Related Issues' started by masters, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. masters

    masters Registered Users (C)

    i am going to india to marry in 2014 march.

    marry a indian citizen in india. i became us citizen in 2008

    1. spouse enters on an immigrant visa or 2. spouse enters on K-3 visa

    which steps is faster to bring spouse to usa.

    what are the timeline in chennai embassy. after march 2014.

    what are the steps.
  2. kwyjibo

    kwyjibo New Member

    It works like this: don't do it. Just file the I-130, and go for NVC processing. There is little to no advantage time-wise (look up the processing times though, it could change), and you have to apply for AOS when you enter. Save your money, and just file an I-130 and opt for NVC processing then consular processing. As soon as the spouse enters the US they'll get the GC.

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