Helping crossing the border for political asylum


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My old friend is trying tog get political asylum, he is crossing border from Mexico, but can't make it. He is asking me if I, as US citizen, can drive him to passport control.

I don't want to make any illegal actions. What would it mean for me if in the car were would be people without visa? I also have global entry and don't want to loose it.

Thank you!
read the Border report about 18 undocumented immigrants from Russia. “The drivers of both vehicles have been arrested and face charges of “bringing in and harboring” certain noncitizens”.
This is called aiding and abetting an illegal immigrant. It is a crime and you can be charged with felony. I would not recommend doing this.
Oh, lord. I hope OP didn't go through with this. Even sending your friend money so he can get to the border can land you in hot water. Do not help him in any way. It's hard. It sucks. If he's a real friend he'll understand why you can't help him. Hope things turned out OK for him.