Have H1B visa but I 129 revoked

Please advise on my situation and any help will y much appreciated.

First H1B:
My first employer was XXXX Inc. and i'm with them from 2007 to 2012 (until second extension).First i entered to US in the month of NOV 29th 2008 and stayed in US until JAN 24th 2012. I stayed in US for a period of 3 yrs and 3 months and during the stay in US, have worked with clients:Federal Home Loan Bank, Chicago, Liberty Mutual, Indianapolis, IN, Bank of America, Norfolk, VA, PBGC, Washington D.C.

I was not issued visa because at the time of visa interview in FEB 2012, i was under EVC model.My employer was XXX Inc. and prime employer was MODIS and the client was FHLB Chicago.

Second H1B(cap exempt):
Employer is XXXX and second time entry to US was in the month of Oct 22nd 2018 and stayed over there for 45 days(12/05/2018).At present i have my visa until Oct 29th 2019.Can you please review my profile and let us know whether i'm eligible to apply for a H1B transfer.

On September 11th 2019 I could see revocation notice was sent on my case. Please advise what options I have left now. I resigned my job in India.
  1. If the revocation was done on employer request and not on USCIS investigation, you can use the remainder period of 6 years post a fresh petition by employer (not subject to lottery)
  2. You will be considered ‘cap exempt’. The new employer will still need to file a fresh petition and get it approved