H1B Visa stamp in Pakistan, Latest situation


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Hi sir, how are you ? I just need to know about I 864 and I 864A

My wife filed a petition for her mother i130 and my mother in low had an interview for visa and visa officer told her that he need a I 864A from her doughter ( my wife ).he hold her passport and other docs.

Before the interview We sent i864 letter of support from my wife ( my wife is a home maker never work in USA
We both are US citizen got citizenship thro GCard ) that's why I submit I 864A ( contract between sponsor and household member).

Pls tell us do I have to submit something else ?



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H1-B documents


When submitting H1-B documents application to American Express do we need to have our degrees attested from HEC ourselves or they get it done themselves and we just fill out the HEC form? What is the better option.

Please reply soon.