H1B visa new petition 2007 CAP


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Hello Gurus,

I had a special case with H1B stamping.
My H1B was approved in 2006 CAP. My company had applied for 'Digital comm. analyst' instead of 'Programmer analyst' title.
The visa officer couldnt understand my experiences related to this position coz my employment history is in IT areas. Hence she sent back papers to INS.
Now my company has made a new petition for change in title. the receipt no. is same and shown in USICS case status as pending in Vermont service centre.

Does anybody has any information related to this kind of a case.
Will this be treated as a fresh case now and can I go to any embassy for stamping if approved.



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If its not fresh case, then does the Ack no. EAC-xxxx remains the same.
Now it shows as case pending for a long time...!!?


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You'd still be considered the same old fella, and all that's happening is your valid date is expiring i guess. Once you receive the modified paperwork you can reapply asap. mukesh, rahasiam.com


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H1 cap exempt or not?

I was in the US working on H1 visa from 2003-2006.
Then my H1 was renewed and the the validity of my last i-797 was from Jan 01, 2007 to Dec 31, 2009. I did not use this.I exited the US in Dec 2006 and have been out of the US since Dec 2006.
I want to apply for an H1 again.
Will I come under the H1 quota or will I be exempt? I also have a Masters degree from a state university the USA.
Please help.