H1B transfer from Vermornt


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Planning to do premium process

Hi Everybody...

My Reciept date 4 May 06
Notice date 11 May 06
In nebraska-They received on 1 Aug
current status-On 7 Aug ur H1B has received for processing in Nebraska

Now a days On uscis website they shows they are processing on 4 May application....Before that they were showing 19 May Processing date...
I am planning to do premium process now..but i dont understand...should i wait for some days or i do premium process...because now its almost mid of september...

If anybody has same situation....then plz help me...

Thank you very much


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Just an update !

Hi Guys,

I just read lot's of past forum regarding nebraska center, it seems that there was lots of issues same with our case on the previous years. But I can't find the issues that they approved, they are all complained regarding the process. Can somebody knows what's going on to the Nebraska Center. My employer told me to wait until it reach us the approval. But they don't know also what's going on.

Poor Us !

Similar case

My case is similar.

VSC received the application on 01-May-2006
Date on receipt notice : 08-May-06
Transferred to NSC on: 01-Aug-2006
New Date on receipt notice: 08-Aug-2006

Spoke to my employer. He is advising not go for premium at this moment. He said, he filed 6 applications, all have got similar dates. But three of them got RFE and no update on the remaining three including mine.
Aam23 said:
Hi all,

I got H1 approval after a long wait.

Great news Aam23..!! Can you let us know your reciept date,notice date as well as approved date so we can compare and see if we are in the same page...Thx


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aaabbb said:
hi Simitd

When u got the message like ur H1B transfered from vermont to nebraska...
and now a days uscis website showing processing date is 19 may...my case is same like ur case....my recepit date is 11 May....... now my current status shows like on 7 Aug ur H1B has received for processing .... So now our applications are processing according to nebraska date or vermont....
Hi all,

A friend of mine has got his H1B approved. it was filed in the vermnt center on the 10th of May and was transferred to NE on the 1st of Aug. The H1B was approved on 13th sept....Hope our cases will also get approved at the earliest

BTW, any idea as to how the cases are taken up? Coc the case with a receipt date of 10th May has got approved and that of 9th may is still pending



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Thanks aaa_bbb.

My case details are:

Regular Processing
Filed - 05 May 06
Receipt date - 12 May 06
Transferred from Vermont - 01 Aug 06
Receieved at Nebraska - 07 Aug 06
Approved - 14 Sep 06

Hope this details helps.
Congrats Aam

Congrats Aam.

I too have noticed one case got approved on 16-Sep-2006, which was transferred to NSC from VSC. The receipt date that was showing was 08-Aug-2006.

Hope they finish all the cases soon.


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I wish too !

I wish too ! I hope before end of sept. all of our visa got approved. Goodluck to all. Please post all information for the people get there approval.

still pending

status of my petition is still pending

Receipt date - 13 May 06 Vermont
Transferred from Vermont - 07 Aug 06 to Nebraska
Receieved at Nebraska - 10 Aug 06
Approved - not yet - still pending :confused:


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anybody got any query saying : "we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case. The notice explains in detail what additional material is needed. If you have questions about the notice, what is required, or if 30 days have passed and you have not received the notice. Please contact the service center where you submitted your application during business hours.

i m little worried how much time i will be given to send the papers to uscis. if in case the paPers don't reach them on time, will it cancel my H1B.

please help..!!!!!

h1b approved
received on may 12th on vermont transferred to NE and received there on aug 8th.new h1b change of status from h4 .EAC06164*****.approved on sep 18th.

good luck think NE will process all cases within 2 weeks.
same as luk s 111

To luk s 111

we have the same date when our visa application is being applied, transferred
from vsc to neb,and also the same date when it was received at nebraska. Please inform me if you already got ur visa and i will inform you also if i get my visa. And I think we will received our notice by sept. 21 & 22 based from the data our co-threaders have given us. thank you

To everyone
i wish everyone will get their visa soon so that we can all start working by october 1, 2006.We can all just wait and pray

chicago1234 said:
h1b approved
received on may 12th on vermont transferred to NE and received there on aug 8th.new h1b change of status from h4 .EAC06164*****.approved on sep 18th.

good luck think NE will process all cases within 2 weeks.

Congrats Chicago. I was kinda jumpy when I saw you received it because mine had a receipt date of May 11 in vermont. But i still don't have any information. I guess yours was approved before because it was a change of status only? That's the only thing I can think of. Did you use premium processing? I'm thinking about doing that.


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Hi all

I am in the same pool as most of u.
recvd at NE 7th aug
and still processing
As most of u lucky dudes hope me n others get apprvl soon.
when i checkd usics website it showed funny processing dates. immigrationwatch.com has different statistics. Looks like Nebraska is giving step-motherly treatment to 'EAC cases transferred fm Vermont'