H1b Sponsers and internship providers for pharmacist


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This is Jaya. I have passed the FPGEE conducted in Dec 2008.As I have also cleared TOEFLiBT I would be receiving my FPGEC certificate in a couple of days.

I am ready to relocate myself to any place in the United States to work as a pharmacist.
I have 2 questions in this regard:

Firstly,I am currently on H4 status.I would like to know who could sponsor me H1 in this regard.
Secondly,could anyone also sponsor internship for me anywhere in a pharmacy.

It would be highly appriciated if any one could let me know infomation regarding this.

Thanking you in advance.


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Looking for an Pharmacy Intern Position

Hi, I have passed FPGEE and TOEFL IBT and got my FPGEC certificate. I am looking for a pharmacy intern position at any of the pharmacy chains in US. I am from India and currently in a H4 visa hence I need H1B visa sponsorship to start my internship. Please contact me if any of the recruiters has a intern position. Thanks.



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I am from GA, USA

My name is Sudharsan. I am new to this forum..i took my fpgee exam on dec 2008 and cleared them and took the toefl by may 30 and cleared them too.....(the result came by jul 1 week)

How long can i wait for the FPGEC from NABP people. Should i call them to confirm ? And I have completed my PhD in india (Chennai) and working as postdoctoral fellow for last 3 yrs in J1 visa..I should get a H1b for this internship...

how hard to get intern position..i have no friends in this field..jus gathered all the informations from the internet to prepare for fpgee..so can u guys give a general guidance for internship hunt !!
that will be helpful..

thanx in advance...


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Hi Sudharsan,
Congrats for passing the FPGEE and TOEFL.
Hope by this time you may have received your FPGEC. It usually takes 4-6 weeks time (sometime more) after NABP receives your TOEFL score from ETS. Please call NABP and confirm that they have received your TOEFL score report (Hope you have provided the FPGEC recipient code 9103, when you booked your TOEFL).
I am not sure about whether you can use your J1 visa for the internship. If you wish to file H1 petition, hope you need to wait until next April, since just only one month more (before Sep 30th) left in this year and finding sponsors will be not that easy.
Better you can contact the pharmacy chains after receiving your FPGEC and check with them which state they have openings, then you need to get state internship license. Contact them through their websites or let me know your mail i, I will pass some contact ids.
All the best.


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hi anybody cn help me i got my fpgec in july .i am on opt now.i hv finished my masters here.i am lloking for internship n i cn relocate to anywhere in country.please help me



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I am a foreign pharmacist and received FPGEC. I am looking for sponsorship for H1B since last 7 months but no luck yet. Is there anyone here who also facing the same situation because all chain pharmacies are not hiring for interns.


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Hi yuvi,
I am Manjula, I am in the same boat. I have passed my toefl recenlty, not yet received the FPGEC certification. If you got any information regarding intern, please can you help me. I am on H4 visa. To get intern license, I need SSN. How culd I get one? Please help me.
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Hi geetha,
I am manjula
I have the same problem like Jaya. I have just passed the toeflibt and waiting for FPGEC. I am on H4visa. I heard that I need intern license, for that I need SSN. I don't have one and I think I can't get it when I am on H4. What should I do now? Could you please help me.


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Hi Jaya,
I am manjula from Florida. I have the same problem. I hope you got something till now. If you have any information regarding intern, please let me know. I will be thankful to you.


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Hi there, my daughter is a qualified and presently working as a Pharmacist (Manager) in the UK and have passed her FPGEE in Dec 2008 and also have passed her TOEFL exam. She is now finding it hard to get anyone to sponsor her for Internship in California. They all say that is due to recession that they are not taking on anyone from outside the USA. She did her Masters (4years) + 1 year Internship in 2005. Can you help please?
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Length of your pharmacy programs

Hi y'all and congrats on passing the FPGEC.

A quick question to all of you who were allowed to sit the FPGEC. Did all of you have a 5 year pharmacy first degree or were any of you 4 years+ something else,or a pre-2003 pharmacy program.

I'm a 4 year (2007) graduate who has won a dv lottery greencard and wondering about the way forward.
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How long can i wait for the FPGEC from NABP people. Should i call them to confirm ? And I have completed my PhD in india (Chennai) and working as postdoctoral fellow for last 3 yrs in J1 visa..I should get a H1b for this internship...


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looking for a sponsor

I am a foreing pharmacy graduate and i have my FPGEC and i am currently looking for a sponsor for my H1B Visa.

I am currently employed in Janssen (pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson) as a Medical Scientific Liaison. I have been working for Janssen for the past 3 years, and i have 2 years of phamracy experience.

How can i find a sponsor?


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Hi My wife is writing her FPGEC exam in April 1st 2016 can she be eligible for applying for H1B in 2016 as her results are going to come by May 2016 so she can show the certificate before her H1B process is completed.