H1B Maternity Leaves in California

Anindita D

New Member
I am on H1B and working on a hourly rate as a Consultant in a company in San Francisco. My employer location is Santa Clara. I have some doubts regarding my leaves. My expected delivery date is in September. As per California leave policies I am entitled to 6 weeks of leave post delivery which I feel is too less. Also my contract is ending on September. After my leave periods gets over my employer will have to look for new clients.

Is there any way by which the leaves post delivery can be extended beyond 6 weeks? Read about FMLA and Pregnancy Disability Leave in websites. But FMLA needs at least 50 employees directly employed under the employer which I doubt they have. PDL also needs doctor's note stating that employee is unfit to join work.

What can I do in this case to extend my leaves beyond 6 weeks? I want to keep my H1B status active. Not willing to convert to H4.