H1B Amendment+Extension with new End Client

Hi All,

I have couple of questions regarding my H1B, Can anyone please provide me clarification for below questions.
Use Case:
i have filed my H1B extension in regular processing on Sep 20th 2019 with my current employeer and I94 expiration was on Oct 5th 2019. Got an RFE on Jan 8th 2020, RFE response is due by April 5th 2020. But the contract with the "End Client A" is ended on Jan 30th 2020. Luckily i got an another project with "End Client B" and joined the project this week.
Now my employeer/pitetioner told me that we need to file an H1B Amendment+Extension by March End 2020 and then will withdraw the old application which we filed on Sep 20th 2019. I am planning to do this in premium processing.

Here are my questions.
1) If my H1B Amendment+Extension is approved, Do i get with attached I94 on my approval notice?

2) If my H1B Amendment+Extension is approved without i94, with consular processing notification. How many days i can stay in U.S?

Thanks in Advance


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Your employer needs to show there is bona fide job available until full validity of H-1B extension period. Based on what you wrote I believe USCIS might approve H1B duration until Jan 30th 2020 & of course new amendment plus extension has to filed immediately. I strongly recommend upgrade to premium processing when H-1B RFE response is sent with initial H-1B extension so that you can know outcome at the earliest & file follow up amendment plus extension in premium processing.