H1 Visa tracking @ Texas


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Hi I have applied H1 - H1 on march 19th (notice date), I havent got my h1 approved yet , when I check my status on phone it says it's going to take 90 - 120 days which is already over , does any one of you have any idea ..?

Thanks in advance


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H1 approved

Hi Frnds,

When i called INS to check my status , i heard on phone its approved on 16th .

notice date march 19th
approved aug 16

hope this help u



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hi sri i had the same problem like you i had applied B1 to H1 in may 01 and sep. 01 i got query my lawyer replied , they did not answer till i applied fresh H1 again in july 02 they put query again asking show that you have vaild I-94 then my lawyer brought up my old case in their attention stating that my client is legal till to day as his first case is not decided yet then i got H1-B1 after 15 months so i will sugest you that apply as frest case with pre. process.