H1 Visa expired with out using it


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Hello extended family - you guys have always been around to help everyone - Have a query that needs your advise.

1. Applied H1B visa in APR 2007 and got approved.

2. I did stamping approved in APR -2008 and visa valid only till SEP-2010 but never traveled to US and visa got expired.

3.Additional Info - The passport which had the visa stamping has also expired.I have got a new passport now with few corrections like marital status details etc etc

Please advise - If i want to go for H1B Now - am I CAP Exempted ?
IF NOT exempted Is it that i have to apply for H1B as a fresh candidate in 2014

Many Thanks


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Since you never held H1 status (by getting admitted into US under H1) you are not exempt form the H1 quota. Just having a H1 visa in your passport does not give you H1 status.