H1 btransfer denied with I140 approved


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I have a questions regarding my case kindly help
Company OLD :Worked for 8 years (I-140 approved June 2017) I94 valid till Oct 2020
Company OLD laid off (July 2018)
Company OLD Withdraw I140 august 2018 Status shows (over 180 days not automatically revoked)
Company OLD H1b Petition (checked status on USIC account Still active)
Company NEW Transfer August 2018 Premium (soc code 15-1199 level 3 )
Company NEW RFE August 2018
Company NEW RFE replied Oct 2018
Case Denied OCT 2018

What is My option now Could i refile my H1b with same employer with different Soc code?
will i be out of status from the day denied ?
Will 60 days rule Apply
how will be i am in legal status and could i continue my job if i refile h1b?
As i understood H!b's are subject to NTA? will my case fall under it