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H1-B Query

Discussion in 'Laid Off - What Do I Do Now?' started by mvnm00, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. mvnm00

    mvnm00 Registered Users (C)

    I got laid off in Nov'2001 and i have my last poay stub from my company dated dec'15'2001. I have applied for an H1-B transfer in March'26'02 and after 7 long months i got a query and INS is asking me to furnish the latest poay stubs for the period before i applied for H1-B transfer. At this point i do not have any latest pay stubs after Dec'15'01. However i have pay stubs from my current company as per the new law(as soon as the the recipt date is issued can generate pay roll). I have pay stubs from my current company. But now i do not know what i have to do in this situation because INS is asking for paystubs.

    Iam really tensed and what is the solution for this?? Do i have to apply for a fresh H1 other than the current company??
    I appreciate for any kind of suggestions....


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