H-4 EAD application - Expedite request


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I'm currently working in Canada and my husband is in the USA (employed). My husband has an I-140 approved. I have a valid H-4 visa. I would like to apply for H-4 EAD to be able to move to the US and work from the US. We have been living away for more than 8 months and we got married last year.

I completed my master in the US (2015-2017). Started working in the US until 2020 (July). My H-1B application was never picked in the lottery in all the three attempts. :(
My employer moved me to Canada and I could continue working from Canada.

I would like to file for an expedite H-4 EAD application. My employer is wiling to provide me supporting documents for the need to work from US and the impact on the company if I don't work from the US. My work comes under essential worker category.

Can you please suggest if I should go ahead with the expedite request and what other documents would help me in this case.

Thank you.


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For expedite request sometimes congressman letter is very helpful.

Whats your husband's priority date? Some great news coming from Build Back Better bill. The bill is proposing to recapture the unused green cards. Maybe there will be enough GC's that you can directly get GC based on your husband's PD. Check more about recapture of unused green card at xxxxx
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