Green Card - Unemployment benefits because of COVID19, negative effects in the future?


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Hello guys, my apologies if i am posting this in the incorrect category, but i wasnt sure where to put it exactly...

I have a simple question, i did a lot of research but i am still not sure about it.

I am a green card holder, i just got my new green card since i had to renew it after 10 years of using it.

I live in San Diego but i also have an apartment in Tijuana, Mexico. so i cross the border often to see my family and friends.

Because of the whole situation with COVID19, my job sent me home for now and ive been here for at least 2 months, since i have savings i decided not to request any unemployment benefits, but right now its getting to a point where i would need to ask for them.

My main concern is that my green card / permanent resident situation would change or be affected in a negative way if i ask for the unemployment benefits for a couple of months while the situation gets better.

My boss is very concerned about me since i prefer not to since i am kinda scared of doing so.

The question is, should i / can i do it without any negative things happening in the future?

Thanks a lot for your time.