Green card through family member

Hi, Rajiv. How are you? .my name balkinder singh i m here in usa on B1/B2 visa, divorced and my prents are green card holder and my sister is us citizen . My questions are can is there any posiblity get green card through family sponsership and which petition form number i hve to apply and i also checked immigration site there is form which is case status adjustment , can work get rights while my petition decison is pending and last quention how long whole process it takes thanks


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Parents, or sister can sponsor you, but it's a long wait, many many years. Once a visa is available, you interview in your country. Cannot use a B2 visa to stay in the US. Tourist visa is for short visits only.


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No, you cannot.

Suggest that you use the visitor visa to visit, and not look for ways to stay longer. When you applied for the b2 and interviewed, did you mention a desire to adjust visa status once in the US?


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Why are you duplicating questions across threads?
No, your existing visa will still need to be valid as at the time your petition becomes current in order to adjust status. There is no way this will happen on a B visa with a 6 month max authorized stay, it will take approximately 7 years for a petition by your parent to become current. If you have overstayed on your visa by even one day you will be ineligible to adjust, and if you overstay for too long (6 months +) you will be subject to a ban period.