Green card through employment EB2 process

My employer has agreed to start the green card through employment process but due to this Covid-19 pandemic, the lawyer suggests this might not be the correct time. Is this accurate? Is there a way to start the process right now and send out applications when US state re-opening begins?


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Read up about the PERM process.
Your employer has to demonstrate they can not find a qualified US citizen to do the job.
Quoting this line
U.S. workers will have an opportunity to forward their resumes and be considered for the position. The employer must review each resume received against the requirements for the position and prepare a recruitment report that categorizes the lawful job-related reasons for rejection of U.S. applicants and provides the number of U.S. applicants rejected in each category. While the employer is not obligated to hire a qualified applicant, the PERM process must be put on hold even if there is one applicant who is qualified in all regards and is willing to accept the job at the salary offered. The employer can test the labor market again in six months.
So yes, now may not be a good time to start the PERM process for EB2 green card.
But it really depends on your role and if there are people qualified to perform your role that are unemployed due to COVID19.