Green card interview with criminal record


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Hi I’m a Canadian citizen and my mother is a US citizen. Her petition for green card sponsorship for me is approved. I awaiting to be called for interview and bring Canadian police certificate and fingerprints. I have a Conditional discharge for shoplifting under 1000K that happened in Canada 32 years ago. No jail time only probation for about 6 months or 1 year that I had to report to a police station. Got my pardon 2-3 years after and never ever had any involvement with police before or after that incident. After discussing my case with Canadian police just a few days ago about obtaining fingerprints I was told my records will show everything including pardon and that I was finger printed at the time of incident.what are my chances to get denied for green card because of my criminal record? Please some advise can definitely help.
I’ve been so upset over this news!!