Got my approval for National Interest Waiver - here is how it worked


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Hi Indiandude,
Congratulations on your NIW approval. Wish you good luck in moving on in life.
I am in the process of putting together material for my GC submission and have the DIY kit. While penning down the cover letter, I came across this thread. Can you help me by sending out a copy of your cover letter to gnarayan.umich AT gmail DOT com



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Congratulations Indiandude. You are a builder of hope, thanks alot for sharing this. Please send me a sample of your cover letter.
I appreciate.
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Stanley Hermosillo

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It seems like you're really on top of your stuff and can follow instructions well. An outline of the letter will definitely help. Do you happen to know what typical percentage of people with your qualifications make this cut?
Those with advanced degrees or exceptional ability (EB-2) are exempt from the labor certification requirement if their immigration is in the national interest.


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Congrats dude! Would you please send a copy of your materials to my email box? Thank you sooooooo much!
jglist at


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Congratulations Indiandude1.
I am also preparing all my stuff to apply by myself. I got almost all the letters of references and copies of all my important documents and I am starting now with my cover letter. I have an idea of what elements (in general) I should include but I believe you letter must be very professional and that it would help me a big deal. Are you still sharing your letter? I would greatly appreciate if you favor me with a copy (
Have a good one


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Hi Indiandude1 and others,

Can you please provide me with the outline or the copy of the cover letter. I really appreciate this help.
My email is (

thank you.


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I must apologize. I forgot all about this. Here is the outline of my cover letter (please understand that I cannot give my cover letter to anyone - too much personal data):

(Note: I have not always noted this in what follows, but I had references to exhibits all through this letter. Further, I used a slightly humourous tone (no digs at anyone else, just word play that is inoffensively in nature - these adjudicators have a thankless job reading truckloads of letters - make their experience with you enjoyable - its the same thing you do when you write for a layman). On second thoughts, cut out any jokes as they may be misunderstood.).

Page 1: Introduction. Made reference to my Alien number (highlighted), online receipt number (SRC something something, also highlighted). Thanked the adjudicator for their time and attention. Made a reference to Immigration act of 1990, 8 C. F. R. 204.5(k), NYSDOT, and Int. Dec 3363. Then explained how the exhibits are arranged and referenced.

Page 2 and 3: Summarized my current work (very short), past work, source of funding, education, measures of excellence of each institution I studied / worked at. (all supported through exhibits). Finally, summarized my visa and work status history. Included exhibits (copies of all the approval notices and I-94s).

Page 3: Longer summary of my research (overall view) and how important this work is (evidence - funded by all these agencies).

Page 4: How the White House under various administration and the Congress have viewed the centrality of my work.

My work is in an area of substantial intrinsic merit and in U. S. National Interest.

A bit of history and thoughts of political and scientific leaders.

Page 5: Continued detailed discussion of why this research matters and how global trends in disappearing material availability make this critical.

Page 5 and 6: How my research has attacked each of these problems directly and what are the impacts of this work in years to come.

Page 7: My research is in the U. S. national interest, and the benefits of my work are national in scope. Connected my work to recent events in the U. S. and how my work helps / could have helped.

Page 8: Table summarizing the required evidence for a National Interest waiver and where in the exhibit list it may be found. Just a way to save the adjudicator some time and effort in locating the right evidence.

Page 9 and 10: How each of my publications has had a heavy impact. Quotations from various recommendation letters.

Page 11, 12 and 13: List of criteria used for judging National Interest Waiver with each point related to my work.

Page 14 and 15: Specific criteria laid down by the USCIS AAO. Connected my work to each point.

Page 16, 17 and 18: Subjection to the labor certification process will be adverse to the national interest

Illustrative examples of how the lack of availability of my work will harm the US and how I cannot be tied down to any specific employer.

Page 18 and 19: Concluding remarks and references to Congressional record.

Personal comments on how I have always admired the US and want to contribute to its growth and safety.

Followed by a separate list of enclosures and exhibits.

Now, I think I should have applied for EB1-EA. Still, I can do that now.


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Congratulations! It sounds to me that you have a fairly solid case for EB1-EA. If you are from India (which I assume to be the case based on your username), I think it is still a good idea for you to apply for EB1-EA, since the EB1 category is current in the visa bulletin for all countries, including India and China. By contrast EB2 (which is what you'd have to use with NIW) has priority date Sept 2005 for India at the moment.

Can you elaborate ? I am thinking of applying for EB1-EA (separate thread - please click on my username to see my posts).
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