got intent to revoke status to old petition which was expired

petition revoke

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Hi Rajiv sir,
am on H1B visa currenlty.
My H1B visa [EAC 23****] expired on Oct 8th,2018 and filed extension [same employer - LIN4****1] its got approved for 3 years(till 2021).
last month(Jan 2019) i got "intent to revoke" to my old petition which was expired on Oct 2018.
if USCIS sent the revocation notice to my old petition , will there be any issues to my new petition which is valid for 3 years?
Gopi, Did you hear anything back from USCIS on your old petition?

Thank you.


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Hi All,

I wanted to share my case here:

I was working for employer A and changed job to employer B. Employer B recieved a NOIR on the site visit. Employer B replied for the NOIR and I change my job to employer C. Today I was checking the petition status of the employer B petition number and it says the "
Notice Was Returned To USCIS Because The Post Office Could Not Deliver It" before this i saw the Revocation notice is sent. So I wanted to know, how does this impacts me since I am no longer working with employer B from past 1.5 year?