Girl visiting on B2 visitor visa plans to marry USCitizen , what are best options?


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Ok. One last time. THERE IS NO LEGAL, PRACTICAL WAY FOR YOU TWO TO BE TOGETHER INSIDE THE USA WHILE YOU WAIT FOR HER VISA. If you want to not be apart, you need to move yo India for the duration.


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It also occurs to me: If she travels with her parents as you indicated, and then overstays to try marry and adjust, the implication is that her parents will clearly have lied at the port of entry about their reason for visit. She might get away with it, but they won’t. The next time they try visit her, the likely outcome is that the CBP officer will pull up this history, see they lied before, deny them entry and revoke their B visa. That is, if they she/they don’t get caught out the first time and denied entry anyway.

The short version: your attempts to circumvent the system may well result in 3 revoked B visas and no time together.

PS 40 is not a “girl”.


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I respect all your advice and legal option please dont consider this as troll ... I had read but not clear on the route bring her on Student visa and then getting married and covert into adjustment of status...i am keep all options open to bring her to USA and get married as we are 40 plus and stay away for 12 to 13 mins will be more delay in matrimonial life.
If you can't handle being away for a year or so, then you have two options
1.Marry your Indian prospect, you move to India while she awaits CR1 processing, before moving back to the US together once she gets the CR1.
2.Get married to someone else.. who lives in the US.. and immigration delays and processing waits would not be an issue then.