Getting a non restricted SSN after receiving GC

I have a SSN with the “Not Valid for employment” stamp on it, that i didn’t know about until after i had sent in my GC application. My dad got those numbers for my siblings and i when he was working in the states back in the 90s (i don’t really know how that works) but i started using it for credit purposes just last year. After i received my EAD and the new restricted ssn i noticed the numbers were not the same. What do i do about it since i recently received my GC and I’m about to apply for a non restricted ssn card
Yes. I didn’t know about the restricted one that has “Not Valid for employment” on it until after i had sent my application for my GC


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That's a big problem because you should only have one Social Security Number in your life. Go to the Social Security Administration local office to get it fixed.