gettin FP done 2 days after Appointment


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We have FP1 Appointment at Boston on 10/28/04 (thrusday) but we can't make it . So can we just walk in on Saturday(which is when we are free) and get it done. please share your experiences in Boston regarding this.

I-485 ND 10/02/2003


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Contact the USCIS office and request for a reschedule.
If you dont request for reschedule your application will be considered abandoned.


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Hi hmd,

I think it would be better to just go and do it ,becoz otherwise u should send the letter back and check the rescheduling checkbox.

if u reschedule(which u can ask for saturday and they will give u whatever next would be available),most prob it would be after 4 weeks.

taht's my 2 cent..


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My experience

My FP2 notice arrived after my appointment date. I went to the center with the notice and they did not ask any questions and let me have my fingerprints taken. This was in Detroit. You can walk in try your luck, if they refuse then you can reschedule.


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yeah ,as such even i got my FP1 after my scheduled date and i walked in next day and gave my FP ,but I have to show my envelop to prove that I got it later than my scheduled HMD,don't take risk and either reschedule it now or just do it on thursday..that is my opinion...