GA DMV experience...Advice please!


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Hi everybody,
I know that we all have to be with patience to get EAD and then SSN to get a driver licenses, but my husband is going out of the country for a period of time and I need to drive to do normal stuff and pay things. But so far I just have my NOA's and waiting for my fingerprinting appointment.

We have been trying in several times to get a really accurate information from the GA DMV website and call center and the SSA office. So far what I have is this:
1. Get a SSN denial form SSAL676 from SSA.
2. Go with the form SSAL676, passport, NOA's, birth certificate to the DMV.

Now the DMV told me that I have to bring my valid I-94. I don't have a valid I-94 is already expired duhh! I told them ma'am I applied for adjustment of status- while you are pending you are in an authorized stay until you received a denial or the USCIS granted your case- and I applied while my I-94 was still valid, I didn't see the point to ask for extend my I-94 since I applied for AOS already.

Do somebody has the same experience or I just has to spend money in taxis and be an expert on buses and trains? There are places that the public transportation don't go.

Thanks for your advice!


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Oh BTW I didn't apply for AP because I don't need to get out of the country, it is better to apply for it just for DL cases? thanks.


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do u have to have ss# in order to get a license in GA?
My brother is in GA on a tourist visa,with valid I-94,but he doesn't have a SS#.He might need to drive,I haven't had a chance to check with DMVs yet,but has anyone had any experience?


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Same Issue Here DL on B1 visa

Hi Friendz!!!

I just came here CA - San Jose on 23 rd OCT 2005, I have valid I-94 upto Jan 2006.

I would like know How to Apply for Drivinf Licence, Where?

What else Do I need to furnish for the DL in CA - San Jose State.

I would like to is this Possible to get DL with the above status ?

Any information , URL WEb sites related to this pls refer me .


B. Reddy


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Just make a search in google about DL in San Jose, CA and look for the goverment sites. I think that you will be able to get one since you have a valid I-94, the only thing is that will be until your I-94 is valid.
Good luck,