flipping real estate on H1B


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I am sure, of course, am not, than the best decision on real estate will soon be hired. You still of course, to wish, maybe. But if you are better and lucky than you will sure success.


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Also i have flipped couple of houses and made profit. Do you guys think this is aganist the law ? Is this going to adversely affect my green card application ? My attorney told me that i need to form some kind of corporation . Is he right ? I have heard that when they call for the green card interview, they ask for tax returns.

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I wouldn't think you would need a corporation to flip houses. You can do it as an individual, as long as you apply for and use a TIN and pay all your taxes properly.


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put some money in the toilet ..then flush ..well that's house flipping for you nowadays ..
do that every day for a month or two and then see how it works for you ..if you feel fine make a corporation and pay some taxes for clogging sewers with 100 dollar bills ..then find some good soup kitchen and see of you can get a publishing deal for your book on the subject( title should be "HOW I SPEND MY LIFE SAVING CHASING HOUSE FLIPPING DREAM")
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Flipping houses used to be a big thing. A strategy involves buying a piece of real estate and then selling it at a reasonable profit. Very much profitable business at less risk. If you have good amount of capital and basic knowledge about the property then it can be good career opportunity for you. Granted, that's when housing as a business was fairly healthy. Now, however, it it's been ill for a while, but more people are flipping properties again. In either case a good bit of care is normally exercised to avoid and or minimize taxes.