first time 10 year GC renewal -part 3 —3.a. Destination in the United States at time of admission”

My case Entered US through consular processing With immigrant visa. On my DS 230 and DS 260 written “ Yet to be decided” in place of permanent address in US And “ Attorney office address - NJ” in place of Mailing address in US( was different from permanent address )

When I entered POE ( first time with immigrant visa packet) I told POE officer “I will be going to “MA” but my “MA” address is not yet fixed, I will have to go and then sign the lease..”( I think POE officer didn’t record it anywhere). He then asked me is This” Attorney address- NJ” is the place where I want my GC to be mailed , I said Yes.

Now after so many years when I requested (through FOIA) my Immigrant data summary sheet- it is written final destination as - “ Attorney address NJ”. ( NOT MA)

MY Que What address to put as “ part 3 —3.a. Destination in the United States at time of admission” for 10 year GC renewal( don’t have plans for Citizenship) Should I write NJ? Which is also address where I got my Green Card mailed and it is address on uscis file/records? Or MA —the address which was my temperory address but I guess it never got recorded anywhere?

Will any mistake in this particular field in i90 form will cause denial? What should I do?

NOTE I don’t remember if I filed any address change from NJ to MA because I thought I already mentioned it at US POE at the time of arrival. But when I moved from MA to different state I did file address change ar-11.

Appreciate your kind help Thank you
Thank you USC2013 for your reply.

First address you mean to say is “ NJ Attorney address which is on file and in immigrant data summary form”

Or address we stayed “MA”
Actually , my fear is will uscis take notice that when I entered USA 10 years ago, I didn’t filed ar-11, address change from NY (attorney mailing address) to Massachusetts where I actually went and stayed. Anyway it doesn’t make sense bcos one was mailing address and other was where I actually went n stayed.

I told to POE officer verbally that I am going to MA, it will be my temperory stay and my rental lease is yet to sigh.That is only reason POE officer put NY attorney address as my final destination in my immigration data summary form.( so that my GC can safely arrive)

but now through FOIA when I looked at my records I can see that my MA address is not recorded anywhere

When I moved from MA to four different places I always filed timely ar-11.

IF USCIS notice that I failed to file AR-11 address change 10 yeas ago will it deport me. ( I don’t have any criminal record and always file my taxes)

Thank you whitemima!


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I know you were suppose to file AR-11 whenever you do change of address. But this is a very minor issue you are worried of compare to not providing actual street address where you lived. Its better you provide correct address where you actually stayed. If in your N-400 interview, the officer questions about address simply apologize & get going. At the same time I haven't read or heard from anybody that there negative consequences when they failed to file AR-11.
I am not applying for us citizenship.

It's 10year GC renewal question. In i90 green card renewal form for part 3/3a Destination in the United States at the time of arrival---

If I wrote MA address where I actually went, will it cause denial of my GC renewal bcos of data mismatch bcos in immigrant data summary form it mailing address NJ as final destination.
Will uscis take notice that I didn't file ar-11 address change form?
Thank you