first time 10 year GC renewal -part 3 —3.a. Destination in the United States at time of admission”

My case Entered US through consular processing With immigrant visa. On my DS 230 and DS 260 written “ Yet to be decided” in place of permanent address in US And “ Attorney office address - NJ” in place of Mailing address in US( was different from permanent address )

When I entered POE ( first time with immigrant visa packet) I told POE officer “I will be going to “MA” but my “MA” address is not yet fixed, I will have to go and then sign the lease..”( I think POE officer didn’t record it anywhere). He then asked me is This” Attorney address- NJ” is the place where I want my GC to be mailed , I said Yes.

Now after so many years when I requested (through FOIA) my Immigrant data summary sheet- it is written final destination as - “ Attorney address NJ”. ( NOT MA)

MY Que What address to put as “ part 3 —3.a. Destination in the United States at time of admission” for 10 year GC renewal( don’t have plans for Citizenship) Should I write NJ? Which is also address where I got my Green Card mailed and it is address on uscis file/records? Or MA —the address which was my temperory address but I guess it never got recorded anywhere?

Will any mistake in this particular field in i90 form will cause denial? What should I do?

NOTE I don’t remember if I filed any address change from NJ to MA because I thought I already mentioned it at US POE at the time of arrival. But when I moved from MA to different state I did file address change ar-11.

Appreciate your kind help Thank you