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I am currently an H1-B Visa holder and was wondering what does my fiance (US Citizen) as well as myself need to file when we get married in order for me to gain permanent residency status/work authorization as well? Can I file it msyelf or do I need help from a lawyer? How far ahead do we have to file it...before/after marriage? After filing, how long does it take before I\'ll get my permanent resident status?
Any info is much appreciated. Thank you!

Anna Lenina

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Get married, apply for your AOS, you do not need to waste your money on work authorization (since you are on H1B) unless you plan to change jobs or work 2nd job.

You can do it yourself if you do your homework really well, My advice is to go toy our INS office in person, get all the forms and get all the questions answered. You will save a lot of money.

For the processing times, see this site: