First Name is FNU.. Please Help!!

Help Required for changing name

Hi all,

I have an issue with getting license in CA. I have been in US from 4 yrs. I moved to CA two monthas ago. The name on my SSN does'nt match the one on my Passport & H1.

NAme on Passport: venkata FirstnameKumar Lastname
Name on SSN : FirstnameKumar Lastname (the firstname became a single word i.e my Firstname+kumar)

I had license from 3 yrs in two different states and this was not a problem. But It is a problem in CA.

when I contacted the DMV they said to contact immigration to change the name on I94 then go to SSA and get the name changed on my SSN and then apply for license.

The second way I find is changing my Name legally through the court.

But the problem is my License(from other state) is expiring in 2 months. I am not able to decide in which method I should proceed. Can anyone please direct me in making a decision. If you think that there is another way it will also be appriciated. Thanks in advance.

Has the US consulate actually stopped issuing visa to FNUs

Hey Guys

I am in the process of applying for a business visa, and am one of those over-growing breed of FNUs!!!

my passport has:
given name:Manan
surname: blank

i shall apply for visa soon, and since the above mentioned aberration(if i may call so) i shall be writing FNU in GIVEN NAME space and my name(as in passport) in the SURNAME space.

the link sent by R_A_H_U_L doesn't open. However, i wanted to know how true is this info that US consulate has stopped issuing visas to applicants having FNU as the given name?????????

Any help and advice in this regard will be greatly appreciated. pls temme if i need to get my passport name changed or not,, as this will take considerable time which i dont have. I will anyway be taking an affidavit which will show that my name in passport and complete name are of the same person

Hoping for a reply at the earliest

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driver_license said:
Hi everyone(FNU's)

first of all thanks for the forum..atleast I know I am not alone in this race...I am actually in a similar problem
My name is
First Name ;Pooja
Last Name ;
Yes it is blank in the passport...when I got my visa it became
First Name:FNU
Last Name:pooja

When it was sent to the consulate again for correction they returned it saying it should not be a problem
but now when i went to the DMV they rejected and said come with a last name ..that means getting everything passport may be ...
Tomorrow I ll try it at another DMV ..anything else that you guys recomend...Last I ll try for a name change at New york you what all do they need for that

thanks in advance everyone


How is the name in your I-94?

Another FNU

Hi everybody(FNU’s)

Awesome forum. It’s such a relief to know that I am not alone in this. I had been looking on the internet about this. This is the first time I found anybody talking about FNU. Actually I am stuck halfway in this. I have got the new passport with my corrected name i.e.,firstname Priya Lastname Kumar. In the mean time my current H4 visa got expired and I got my renewed H-4 Approval notice(I-539 and I-94) and I still have my name on that as FNU Priya.

With this renewed approval, I went to DMV to renew my driving license but they said name on passport( New corrected ) and H4 approval are not matching and hence they can not renew my driving license. — Any suggestion on how to get Driving license renewed from DMV?

If I go to India for stamping - Will there be a problem in getting Visa stamped since approval Notice says FNU PRIYA and passport says Priya Kumar

Is there any way to get the H4 approval notice corrected with correct First Name and Last Name as per my Passport?

Anybody knows any attorney who is handling these FNU cases?

All of you guys who got rid of this FNU thing please suggest something.
Please clarify how to apply for SSN with this name confusion

The problem is similar to allwynpaes.

In passport,
My Given name is : Siva Gurumurthy
My surname is :<blank>

In Visa,

My First Name is : Siva
My surname is : Gurumurthy

Contacted u.s embassy in chennai immediately for the discrepancy in F-1 visa. However, an indian who attended me said your middle name will be put into surname column.
I was confused what I shoud put in my I-94, then i followed the same name convention as in passport and not in VISA.

In I-94,
My First Name is : Siva Gurumurthy
My surname is :<blank>

In I-20,
My First Name is : FNU
My surname is : Siva Gurumurthy

I had problems in port of entry, they said that VISA name is wrong and has to be FNU Siva Gurumurthy. but he stamped the I-94 and let me enter.

Now I am going to apply for SSN in next week, can you please advice me what name convention should i follow.

soorajm said:
Hey all my FNU friends....

I Just got license today... that too without birth certificate...

It happened like this...

I was trying for license in different DMVs... last week went to a DMV near to my house.. there they dont have facility for written test, vision test etc..
But they processed my application. The lady at the counter was nice enough and didnt mind my name problem in VISA.. she took photo and and signature.. then said, as i dont have a usa license, i've to take written test.. for that i need to go another DMV. And she issued a letter saying that..

Today with that letter I went to main DMV. There they didnt do much verification of VISA and I94 and asked me to take written test.. I cleared that and got license. In NJ, we dont have to take road test, if we have a valid indian license.. so atlast got it.

In between I've done one more thing.. I got birth certificate from Indian consulate New York. But didnt use that..!!


Hi Everyone,
Someone should help,

Surname- Blank
Given name- Ajay Kumar

Status F1
Last Name: Kumar
First Name: Ajay

All official registerations, like SSN, Bank Account etc
Last Name : Kumar
First Name: Ajay

Last Name : LNU
First Name: Ajay
Middel name: Kumar

Everything was going fine but the question was put at the DMV

What is the final solution?
If I want to keep my name with the last name used by my father and grandparents? what is the procedure? I know I have to get the passport changed...but will I need to get my Visa too changed as per my new name?

Will my wife too will have to through the whole process, a new passport , a new Visa?

Specifically from sooraj...which DMV in NJ did you go? Even I am in NJ and was refused at the DMV in Jersey city....

would anyone tell what is the procedure to get one's name changed in US while on F1 Visa..

fnu prblem

hi ,even i 'm having fnu as firstname and my surname and given name in last name,i think same as mr.soorajm .and i got ssn with first and last name seperatly ,i hav filled i-94 first and last name seperatly,i got ssn with first and last name seperatly.
but facing prob at dmv,so sooraj u got ur license congrats,but how to correct names in visa and passport.
plzz help me
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fnu problem--plzzz help me

in above thread i hav mentioned my problem,if i contact any indian embassy will there be any use.i am in illinois
No Surname


I have similar problem.

In passport -
First Name / Given Name - Kapil Kumar
Last Name - [No LAst name]

I797- LNU, Kapil Kumar
Visa - Kapil is first name and kumar as last name

I94- Kapil Kumar as first name but no surname (As per passport)

I went to SSN office. They said ur INS name, visa name are mismatching with I94.

They took a month and get it clarified from INS. INS has put my name name like FNU, Kapil Kumar...

So I got SSN as FNU, Kapil Kumar.

I also faced problem at DMV. They can't isse DL without first name.

But finally they have varified from imigrataion office and ready to issue me DL.

I will go to tomo for the same.

Would like to know, IF I get DL in IOWA and go to CA, shall I get same problem again ?

Also if i would like to chnage my name in passport or i can say correct in passport ? what might be proceduire? since in my 10th certificate my name is Kapil Kumar and Father name is Omprkash Vyas. "Vyas" is my actual surname and apears most of my cerificates.

Finally I Got it !!!

latest Update !!! I got the DL!!!

Problem :
Passport Firts name/ Given name --> Munish
Passport Last name -->

H1 VISA Firts name --> FNU
Last name --> Munish

I-94 Given name --> Munish
Family Name--> Garg

SSN --> Munish Garg

DMV --> Denied to issue a DL as my name on passport, VISA, I-94 andd SSN didn't match.

Solution :
I got the DL with "Munish Garg'. You can contact me at for the details. Its very simple. Its not a loop hole in the law.
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Another FNU.. Please Help..

I am also facing problem with the FNU.

In my passport my name is like this :-

Given Name :

In my vis my name is like this :-

Given Name: FNU

But in my I-797, I-94 and SSN I have the correct names.

First Name: MURALI

Because of this name difference I am not able to get the DL. I am in NJ now.

MVC people has asked me to correct the name in passport and visa.

Can I correct the name in passport and visa in US itself ?

Infact there is no change in the name, just putting the first name and last name in correct place.

Also is there any other way to get the DL in NJ ?

All the suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
I am also in same boat. I get my pasport corrected from chicago consulate. Applied for amend this L1 petition. It is approved now. After that I will be changing name in SSN and later go to DMV. After that , bank a.c etc. Whole process will take 4 -6 months.
I added surname in my passport, however my h1 was applied using the old passport and i got a change of status. can i apply for h1 transfer using the new passport? anyone done that before...
Similar issue.. advice appreciated

I'm an FNU too. My surname is not listed in my passport. I have only my first name.

Name on all my Indian documents (mark sheets, degree cert, indian DL) is Christy Prabhu.

But in my passport it is

Surname: (blank)
Given Name: Christy

This led to -
H1 visa - FNU Christy
I-94 - Christy (no last name)

Just wondering if anyone knows whether I can get my passport corrected (at NY Consulate) to show
Surname: Prabhu
Given Name: Christy

or do I have to get a new passport?

Hi Everyone,
Someone should help,
Specifically from sooraj...which DMV in NJ did you go? Even I am in NJ and was refused at the DMV in Jersey city....

would anyone tell what is the procedure to get one's name changed in US while on F1 Visa..


got it from Randolph, NJ dmv.
FNU Story - Needs to demistify

Hello Friends,

I had incomplete full name in passport which was mismatched with every possible combination in H1-Petetion, Visa, SSN , Driver License and all USA based documents.

First Name- Monica
Last Name- <blank>

H1-B Petetion
First Name- No Given Name
Last Name- Monica

H1 Visa
First name- FNU (FNU is First Name Unknown)
Last Name- Monica

First Name- FNU
Last Name- Monica

First name - <Blank>
Last Name - Monica

I want to change my name in all documents. I saw similar threads in this website from the past. I wanted to know if some one as recently changed his/her name, especially in WA state. If you had changed your name irrespective of location, can you describe me how did you change your information in -

1. H1-B Petetion - my assumption is that an H1-B amendment is required to change name. Please clarify.

2. Visa - my assumption is that visa can be changed during re-stamping. However I am not aware if there could be complications of visa appointments, form DS-156, 157, etc. I am seeking any help on this issue.

3. Passport - Ofcourse it is the first step in name change process, but I have put it to 3 as I know more about changing name in Passport now. Advertisement in US news paper and Indian news paper, Send to consulate along with existing passport, Get NEW passport. If there are any glitches, do share it.

4. Attorney Help - If some has taken attorney consultation, then how much it had costed and what all process they took care of? If you can provide a reference, that would be appreciable as well.

I am hopeful that a lot of FNU/LNU cases would respond to this thread to help me and direct to more appropriate location. Hope to hear soon!

what's the best way starting with I94

This FNU/LNU stuff is really creating a lot of trouble for all of us who have either full name unsplit in the passport or just a single name. I am going to write to USCIS requesting to come up with an article that explains all permutations possible and the best way to tackle them at different stages. It's so confusing otherwise.

In the meantime, hope someone here, with his/her experience can suggest the best way in my case.My wife has no last name, just a first name (XYZ). She recently got her dependent visa (L2) and as expected it reads LastName:XYZ, FirstName:FNU. We are traveling to US some time soon. I thing someone without a lastname will surely have tough time at every stage in the US.We don't have time to get things fixed here in India. What should be the best way to deal with her name issue:

1. Should we just continue to follow the way it's mentioned in visa? Or should we follow Passport?
2. We have the marriage certificate ready. Should she file for post marriage name change with Indian embassy in US requesting to take my lastname? It's an easy process I heard and she will have a new passport issued.
3. We also have name change affidavit and Indian newspaper ad with XYZ ABC (her dad's lastname) ready. Out of point 2 & point 3, we would prefer point3 if both are equally painful.

How should we go ahead right from the point she fills in her I-94 until she gets SSN,DL,Bank Accounts, etc.
Hi "FNU" Friends in US

I am also facing the same problem and teh bad part is this that this problem is continuing from 2005 to till now. Its obvious that w have to atleast raise awkening about this to the indian as well as US counsulates. I have written mail to both. Please find teh copy of that.

Hi ,
I have pasted the comments of people who are facing the problem of "FNU" first name unknown in their Given Name in US VISA. Please do something to correct the mistake as this is not the mistake of individual but the misinterpretation of Indian and US terminologies. Please help us as i am also the victim and you know that we come form so far India to US to do job but not to get into this viscious circle. Please cooperate and help us.

COmments from the site : Please click on this site and you will get to know the plight of several indians and the worst part is that the problem is continuing from 2005 till now.


Hope this might arise some awareness regarding this issue. I hope to correct mine asap.

ALL The BESt FNU Friends.
License renewal with LNU/FNU issues

Hello friends,
Around 2 years back I had been here looking for solutions when I was applying for my driving license. I was not allowed to give the test at my local DMV because of the mismatch of the name on the visa and passport. Finally went to the Journal Square DMV in NJ and I was able to appear for the test. I cleared the test the first time (was not sure if I would get another chance :)). But the license contacined my name as XYZ XYZ (2 times the first name). i just thanked god and ran from there.
Now I have to go again for my License renewal. Just wanted to check with you guys if anyone of you faced any issues while getting the renewal with the FNU/LNU name problem.

Another FNU/LNU