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  1. helen999

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    FP and Fee

    My son did his FP on 04/01/2006 when he just is over 14 years old, but the notice did not mention $70 fee, I did not know where we should pay the FP fee. So far, I check case status online and find LUD (last updated) has not any changes after PF done.
    Does someone have same experience as us? Could you give me help?
    Thanks a lot!
  2. Maggu

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    I'm sorry if this has already been answered somewhere else but I really couldn't find this info. And forgive me if it makes me sound very ignorant, here are my questions:

    What exactly are codes 1, 2, 3, etc. for fingerprints and biometrics? What exactly do they test or do in biometrics? Can I find detailed information about this anywhere? Or perhaps one of you will be kind enough to explain it in a reply.....

    My EB2 case (PD Sep 2003) has cleared the I-140 stage and I'm awaiting my PD to become current before I can apply for the I-485, EAD and AP stages.

    Thanks in advance for any information!
  3. storm wind

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    I-89 biometrics was requested. What does it mean?

    I called USCIS and was told that my I-89 biometrics was requested and it takes 60-90 days for this request. I will be informed where to take fingerprint. But I already did fingerprint (code 3) in March. I-485 is not approved yet. What does it mean?
  4. new_sunrise

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    We have. Mine and my husband's EAD does't have a finger print. We were not finger printed for EAD.
  5. sdrblr

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    Filed 485 and traveling to India - FP notice question.


    Quick question. I am sure there will be other people in similar situation. My wife and I will be traveling to India by october. We both have H1 and H4 respectively so I dont need an AP to travel. My question is:

    What happens if we get a FP notice while we are gone.
    -------Do they give you sufficient headsup like sending the notice a month in advance?
    -------What happens if we get the notice while we are out and then come back to see that the appointment date has passed?
    -------I know we can reschedule the FP appointment, but can we postpone it by say 2 months

    Any inputs will be appreciated.
  6. vinsin

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    Out of country when fingerprinting notice arrives


    I am thinking of applying for the I-485 before August 17 and am scheduled to be out of the country for at least 3 months after August 15. Could someone comment on the risks involved?

    Appreciate your time and effort in answering this.

  7. mercedesbenz198

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    I just received the finger print appointment letter. The Notice date on the letter is 8/31/07. I received in the mail on 9/10/07. The appointment date is 9/28/07. Hope this helps for you to see the timing of your first question. I don't know the answer for your other questions.
  8. sag4life

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    I got my fingerprinting notice for 10/23/2007.
    Apart from the tment notice and a State issued ID, do I need to take any other documents for FP.
    I have heard there is a fee of $70. Where and when is this to be paid?
    Please let me know. Thanks.
  9. alinaab

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    No LUD updates after Finger prints completed 8 weeks ago

    Hi. I had my finger prints taken on 10/2/2007 but there has not been any LUD updated online. Is this of concern? What do you recommend I do?
  10. rebecca79

    rebecca79 Registered Users (C)

    There is nothing to worry about (at this point). With my experience and the other posts on the forum I can say they are slow at updating information online. So just relax and wait it out.

    All the best!
  11. GCcomesoon

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    Question on FP for EAD ?


    I applied for 485 ,131, & 765 along with spouse.My cases were received on
    4th June, 2007.My 131, EAD got approved afetr some delay. My spouse's EAD/131 got appoved in normal time frames.Her FP for 485 wad done on time too.Mine arrived yeterday after creating 2 SR's & making 2 info passes.

    Now the FP when I opened reads out for EAD case & my last name is mispelled.My question is

    1) Do we have FP/biometrics for EAD & 485 ? or do I have to explain it to officer for the typo & for the this whole mess
    2) If not should I expect new FP for 485 case

    Please see my details in signature, Let me know if someone has got similar experiences.


    my case - I131 - approved - 7/24/07
    spouse case - I131- approved- 09/12/07
    EAD approved for spouse - 08/20/07
    EAD approved - 10/25/2007 - for me
    LUD in my case - 485, - 7/11/07, 11/02/2007,11/28.11/29
    LUD in 485 case for spouse - 10/04/2007 ( after FP ), LUD - 11/14/2007,11/28,11/29
    FP for spouse - 08/08/07 , I rescheduled it.
    FP scheduled - 10/03/07 - Done
    FP for me- recieved on 11/19/2007 for approved EAD.

    Still waiting for my FP - 485 case
  12. m_img

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    How to find ASC?

    I read the first post in this thread. It is old... is it still valid that you can go to ASC without appointment and they might take FP?

    If that's the case, as soon as you get 485 notice, you can try your luck without FP notice?

    Also, what is normal time for FP notice after submitting 485? Not counting last July/August rush.

    Are new 485's FP are in the queue after Jul/Aug 2007 and the cases after that?

    Has anyone got FP notice who submitted 485 after Jul/Aug 2007?


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