Fingerprint retaken, both failed, unreadable

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  1. GC4myspouse

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    Hello everyone;

    My wife went for the second Fingerprint appointment, since the first time the machine could not read her fingerprints after serveral tries (some areas where showing red warning that means fingerprints are not clear enough).

    Same thing happened the second time and for some reason and they could not take her fingerprint, probably due to her hands sweat a lot and the machine could not read a complete and valid finger print.

    She has her appointment on June 15, 2006 and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience like this and what the consequences are


    2/14/2006 - RD (I-485, I-130)
    3/31/2006 - FP1
    5/11/2006 - FP2
    6/15/2006 - Interview
  2. yuefengwang

    yuefengwang Registered Users (C)

    My wife failed twice for the same reason, USCIS requested to show police clearance from any township she has lived in the most recent 5 years to replace that. They will not request FP for the 3rd time - just as the second FP noted said: if fail again, need police clearances.
  3. MGM

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    The same thing happened to my wife's case. They sent a notice for police clearance and even included a form to fill and send to our State Police head quarters. The fee for the service from the State Police was $10, payable by money order. The form said that it takes them 15 days to complete the process and in reality it took them like 7 days. Once the form comes back with State Police, all you need to do is send the form back to BCIS with the paper work that they sent you earlier (the envelope containing the notice will have all instructions). For us it was much easier than go for the finger printing the third time since the ASC is quite some distance away from where we live. But for a person, who moved from State to State in the last five years it can be a pain since he/she will have to provide police clearance from all the states that he/she lived in the last five years and the procedures for obtaining police clearance can vary among states.
  4. GC4myspouse

    GC4myspouse New Member

    Thanks MGM and yuefengwang for your replies. Very helpful!!!
  5. martabr

    martabr New Member

    I'm on my Fifth Fingerprinting appointment

    I just received a new appointment to get my fingerprints taken for the 5th time. I've filed my I-485 family base in September 04 and so far all I receive is fingerprinting appointments. The last three have been 3 months apart. I call USCIS asking if there is anything else I can do besides having to take time off and go to the Service Center again and again and nobody can give me an answer. Is there a limit to when they will quit trying the same thing over and over? My hands are not going to change, I sweat in my hands, and maybe that's why the fingerprints are not very clear. But that won't change. Is there any action I can take? I'd be willing to get a police background check, but I probably have to wait until USCIS asks me to do it. Any advice?
  6. krupakar

    krupakar Registered Users (C)

    Fingerprint retaken failed 4 times

    I filed my I-485 back in March 2004. My case was pending due to FBI name check pending and it cleared 2 moths back. I gave my 2nd FP on 14th september,3rd FP on 7th November, 4th FP on 1 December and I got a notice from UCICS asking me to give my FP again because FBI could not read/process my finger prints that i have gien 4th time. I was wondering even if i give my FP on 5th time, whether they can read/process my FP ? If not what is the procedure we need to follow ? I am the primary applicant.

    Any suggestions are really appreciated...

  7. xyr888

    xyr888 Registered Users (C)

    You may need to collect police clearance to replace the unreadable fingerprints as some others had done so, and it is accepted by CIS.

    Question for you,

    How did you have your name check cleared after 2 years and 7 months (03/2004 -- 10/2006)? Any experiences to share?

  8. wannabe_citizen

    wannabe_citizen Registered Users (C)

    Fingerprints unreadable

    My first set of fingerprints failed. I have the same problem - sweaty palms. I read somewhere that you can take infopass appointment and explain to the officer that the palms won't change and ask them to take police clearance instead (they take prints in ink at the police office, as I read). Did anyone try going to infopass with this issue?

    Martabr, were you able to take any action? Please share. I have my second FP appointment in April and I'm hoping things will go well. If they don't I'll try to call CIS and take infopass if necessary.
  9. immiq

    immiq Registered Users (C)

    You all said your FP failed and have to do the FP again and again. What did the ASC people say at the time of fingerprinting? A supervisor should sign the paper under the quality assurance. Why did you not ask to correct the problem at the first place when the fingerprinting failed at the ASC, especially you had known it failed and you had been requested redo it several times?
  10. battelle

    battelle Registered Users (C)


    My mom failed her fingerprints at the first time appointment last month. ASC officer told her that she will receive a letter for the 2nd fingerprints. The officer told her that she doesn't need to come back for the 2nd fingerprints when she receives it because the officer already did her the 2nd set in ink after the machine won't take her fingerprints.

    You are not gonna pass the 2nd or third time fingprints after the first time when the machine won't take it.

    I hope this information will be a little help for you guys.
  11. wannabe_citizen

    wannabe_citizen Registered Users (C)

    Infopass appointment regarding FP


    Did anyone take an infopass appointment and talk to the officer regarding FP failures? If so, what was your experience?

  12. tnadkarni

    tnadkarni Registered Users (C)

    Yeah what's the best course of action? I just got my second FP notice because they said FBI couldn't read my fingerprint card from the first one. I had a feeling this would happen because the guy doing my FP the first time was barely paying attention to the warnings...I should have said something. Oh well.

    Problem is the rescheduled appointment is when I'm out of the country so I have to send them the notice back asking for it to be rescheduled. Does it make sense to just get the police clearance (would be from NJ and NY)?

    Like others I don't see the point of taking another day off work to go there and then find out the machine couldn't read my fingerprints again.

  13. pinoyInDC

    pinoyInDC Registered Users (C)

    I got the same situation, I got my second FP notice because FIB couldn't read my fingerprint card from the first one. The first time I went, it seemed that everything was okay, I even had the person taking my fingerprints verify my information... and she said all looks good. Can we go earlier than the appoint ment and tell them its a re-take...such a waste of time and always have to take off time as well.
  14. userip

    userip Registered Users (C)


    tnadkarni & pinoyInDC, please tell:
    1. Did your LUD (on USCIS site) change after 1st FP ?
    2. How many days after FP did you get 2nd FP notice ?
    3. Was 2nd FP notice the ONLY indicator that 1st FP failed ?
    4. How do I find that FP (code 3) is successful ?

    Thank you.
  15. pinoyInDC

    pinoyInDC Registered Users (C)

    See responses below... Good luck!

  16. factfinder

    factfinder Registered Users (C)

    2nd Notice of FP

    Hi Guys,
    My wife's in the same boat. She got her 2nd notice of FP today. From what I read, if you don't get it read the first time, the machine wont be able to read it any other time also.
    Do you think we should take the infopass appointment and talk to the immigration officer or may be ask the biometrics tech. to use ink to take the fingerprints?
    Just looking for some guidance. Is it just a waste of time to go for the 2nd FP?
    I know we have to go but should I get her clearance also.

    What is the best course of action?

    Please reply. Thanks
  17. everonh1

    everonh1 Registered Users (C)

    Did you get 2nd FP notice eventhough the ASC person signed your receipt as QA review done etc?

    When I got my FP done,they couldnt get it done properly the first time-so they asked me to try on a different machine-there also-score was less than 70% or less than 60% for some of fingers whereas other had score of 70%.

    But finally the officer who took the FPs on 2nd machine signed the receipt saying QA Review done etc.But,looks like I can expect a second FP notice.

  18. aratiraichur

    aratiraichur Registered Users (C)

    Finger Printing Notice again

    I have filed for GC for mother(see timeline). Got a FP notice again today for an appointment on 10/05/. The notice says the first finger prints were not readable.
    I searched this forum but could not find anywhere, what will they do if it is rejected again. Will they keep sending Fp notices again and again or will they ask for police clearance? Also since my mother has lived in India and has been visiting the u.s on and off do we have to get police clearance from India??
  19. pinoyInDC

    pinoyInDC Registered Users (C)

    Just to update on my case about unreadable fingerprints, I just got an RFE to send police clearance letters from places I've lived in the last 5 years. Will update more after response to RFE is received by TSC. Thanks.
  20. immi_info

    immi_info Registered Users (C)

    How many times did you get your FP notice? When did you receive your last FP notice?


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