Finding EB5 Investors

I am new to EB5. I have a franchise business opportunity that I wish to market to EB5 investors seeking a green card. My question is what is the best way to find them? Thanks.
As per my knowledge, in EB5 investment we have 10,000 visas are available anually. So you can find first basic eligibility requirements for EB5 investment progarm.


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You will most probably have to create networks, that have contacts with people in foreign lands that qualify for EB-5 investment.
I hope I answered your question; you are looking for People EB-5 qualified to invest in your franchise.
I imagine some kind of certification from the USCIS would go a long way. if you can show this is legit- I can help you out, provided the attorney (most likely Mr. Khanna) is able to vet it.