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  1. dianasteve

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    I do have a couple of questions. Could some one please help me out.

    Here is my situation.
    My Labor just got approved. I am from India and my pd is sept 17, 2001.
    My questions are:
    1. Can I file 140 and 485 concurrently?
    2. If not can I just file 140 and prepare all the things necessary for 485 including medical in advance so when it becomes current i can file 485? This is assuming that there will be a progress in visa numbers in the next couple of months.

    Your valuable comments or suggestions are very much appreciated.

  2. sarwarmd

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    I just did some research.

    1) Yes, you should be able to file concerrently if you have all documents ready.
    2) If I-485 documents are not ready, do not delay I-140. You can just apply I-140 and apply I-485 later as your documents are available to apply.

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