FGPEE Eligibility

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hi godzy

godgy thanks for replying, thank u very much.... thanks.... thanks.....

thank u very much godgy....

and sorry for very late replying.... but in short days bad event happened at my home... my grandma was expired in US, so we were very busy in that days ...

once again thanks a lot for replying and to give better suggestion....

now i want to ask u one thing that...i have completed 4 years in B.Pharm so to become eligible for FPGEE i have to complete here fifth year in india..

but here in india there is no any institute or uni. or college which offers fifth year in pharmacy.

but i m telling u one thing, read carefully.... that i have completed my B.Pharm from rajiv gandhi uni. of health sci. from bangalore.... but in gujarat nirma uni. handling fifth year in pharmacy and giving the admission.... so by that way i will earn five year carriculum.... but uni. will change... so that NABP board will accept my case? anybody has done anything before like this where u r staying? u have any idea?

other most IMPthing is.... from some days i m daily calling to NABP board.... one lady in costumer care(Who speaks "NABP how can i help u?" so fastly always) always telling me that ya u have completed four year carriculum then also still u can apply, there is no need of doing fifth year, then i told her that but in ur site its written five year, then she told me that ya we know that.... but we understand the pharmacy of india... we understand that in india is only four year carriculum.... so we are accepting the application... but when i called them again and if i meet other costumer represantative then they r telling that i m not eligible...

now what i do? i got lots of confusion in my mind....what u r thinking? u have any idea about this? what should i do? i have to send them the application and documents? what u r suggesting?

and ya u also telll me that i m preparing for toefl exam but i have not appear so what i have to do for this NABP requires TOEFL score during application? or I have to submit it after giving FPGEE exam?

and ya u have suggeted me the western uni. for Pharm.D its ok... but but their fees r so high yaar... my family cant afford it.. is there any colleges which offers low fees? if u have colleges list which offers three year pharm.D program with low tution fees then the list u send me, if tution fees r not low then also u send me list of uni. or colleges which offers this type of three year accelerated Pharm.D progaram send the list of colleges as much as u know and u can send ok....

and ya my father was asking me that what u r doing godgy? from where u r? what r u doing? and what u have studied? where r u now? and ya what u r thinking about the M.S.(in particular pharmacy subject), if doctor of pharmacy is very hard to become then can i apply for MS course? see i m asking u this because u r there in U.S and u r only the first one who has given me the right info....

in US Pharm.D is higly demandable or MS? which is more valuable? Pharm.D people r earning more or MS people?

if MS is also valuable then which subject is highly demandable? MS in(pharmacology or pharmaceutics or medicinal chemistry or pharmacognosy or any other subject)? which subject?

is there any other course which is highly demandable? u have any idea about MBA in Health care administration, MBA in Health care management, Master in health care administration, Master in health care management? which course is best? what is ur suggestion? people can earn bydoing this health care administration course? they can earn like Pharm.D people can earn?

please reply me my all this questions as possible as u can... if u r free....

once again thanks for my previous que., thanks from me n my parents....
my parents was telling that people like u who r giving good n right info. n advises god always blesses them, my parents also has given lots of blessing to u and sad good luck in ur every path...

thank u... u r only one who has replied me right and true info in very brief paragraph....

thank u .... thank u once again..... bye good luck... tk cr... reply me when u logged in.... please logged in soon... and reply me as soon as possible... thank u... i will be waited for ur reply.....
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ashish patel

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hi godgy

hi godgy i already asked u above all lots of things.... so when u will be free, u will get time, and when u logged in then immidieately u reply me... as soon as possible... thank u..... i will be waited for ur reply...


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hello, I'm still a student of BS Pharmacy in the Philippines. I too have plans in working abroad, and as what I have learned those who finished their degree in Pharmacy after Jan 2003 should take another 1 year additional to be able to take the FPGCE/FPGEE. It's nice for you who have problems about FPGCE/FPGEE to visit www.nabp.net..
God bless..Ü


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I'm a student of BS Pharmacy in the Philippines. I'm planning to take fpgee. We have a new curriculum here in the Philippines of another 1 year after we graduate in this 4 year course and so we are allowed to take the other a year for us to have 5 year course which will have the degree of BS in Clinical Pharmacy. Is that kind of curriculum or 5 year course qualified to take the fpgee?..
God bless..Ü


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pci has started 5 year b pharm in 10 institutions in india starting year2007
nabp asked pci in 2003 to revise its curriculum that b pharm grads can very well aquainted with us system

in india b pharm curriculum is mainly about medicinal chemistry , extracting from the plant root, and cology n ceutics, which is of no help in clinical setting in usa, here they want clinicians to help patients, how many of you been dispensing and compounding while you are in pharmacy school in india, i dont know about d pharm, so its to blame pci and its head who is a doctor in medicinal chemistry is cracking your head putting all 4 yrs to learn complex structures and at the end you are like on top of headless coconut tree

kavita ramu

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eligiblity for FPGEE

I completed B.Pharm in 2005. Before that i did my B.Sc. I want to know i am eligible to write FPGEE and NAPLEX exam or not. If not what shall i do for that.


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HI Everyone

i need some information about FPGEE, i think i'm gonna take the exam on june, but i don't know what books i should study? what is the type of questions? and the main major topics?
please i need help from anybody passed the exam
my email address is saramoustafa@hotmail.com


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I am a student from india who just completed bachelors of pharmacy in april, 2014. I wanted to apply for the fpgec certification programme and just then found that a five yr degree programme need to be shown for applying.

I was wondering if i can show the five yr degree programme in the following way:
2 yrs of intermmediate education ( 11th and 12 th standards) in biology, physics and chemistry
4 yrs of bachelors degree in pharmacy.

During the 2 yr intermmediate, i was also preparing for the entrance exam that was needed to take admission into the bachelors programme (i.e., EAMCET). So, i assume they might consider counting this as a pre pharmacy course that i completed for taking admission into bachelors.

I wanted to know if i can try applying this way.

Thank you.

Julian Powell

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So far, I have found your site to be very informative for those seeking residency in the USA. You must spend a lot of your precious time researching and writing.


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Hey anybody with proper info, please reply me at the earliest.....i have already put in my question above.


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hi guyz,

can anybody tell me about the FPGEE and its requirments on writing the exam, and do i need to write NAPLEX after been qualified from FPGEE ?