Failed to signup for selective service


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Hello! I have a rather quick question: I'm applying to be a citizen from a lawful permanent resident status. I have been living in the US for the past decade and a half, but have not registered for Selective Service. I will be 32 in a few months, and I understand I'm outside the period to establish GMC and I should be fine going forward with the application.

In the N-400, should I still include the status information letter and a statement explaining why I was not able to register?

Thanks in advance.

I know somebody who is in the exact situation. He became Permanent resident at age of 26 (After his 26th birthday). when he go online to sign up, the system wont let him because he is already 26 years old. All he had to do is mail Selective service with a form called confirmation of status along with a copy of his visa and entry stamp showing that he became a permanent resident after 26th birthday. Selective service will mail you back a confirmation of status, and you keep that as your permanent record for future reference in case you need to apply for student loan or citizenship.