F1 Visa Rejected: Please Help


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2 days ago my F1 visa got rejected citing 214b..after reading from the internet tips and other posts i realise what mistakes i made. But one question is in my mind.My sponsor is my boyfriend who is an indian citizen working in us on H1 .Could this be a reson for which I wouldn't get the visa even the second time. Any advice would be very much apreciated .Thank you so much in advance!



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F1 rejected

This is kind of wierd. I dont wanna waste your time but you I guess it should be better if you show some Indian property/cash .....If you dont have that much money, any CA will make the documents in India...(just a suggestion). Showing Indian assets makes them feel that you will surely come back to India & wont settle in the US.

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Foreign Sponser !!!

Who gave idea to put a US sponser for F1 Visa.
Now the councellor Knows that you have somebody to supprt you so you will not come back, during the second interview the Senior Vice Councel definitely reject your F1. This was my personal experience (1990). Bad luck