F1 permanent rejection can I go now


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hi, Ive two quries,me n my bf applied for F1 visa as soon as we completed our education.Both are our college toppers so easily got aid in many colleges.
I got my F1 visa but he got permanent rejection.
He was asked if he applied for loan n he said yes.they asked they would query upon it.But the field manager to whom they called answered no for unknown reasons so he got permanent rejection.

Heard in m,any threads that some paper is given ticked with 126 i guess,but he was not given any letter of any sort to mark the rejection reason. but at the end of his passport they stamped and wrote permanent rejection will that suffice.
Now we both wanna search jobs in US as i already have F1 can i go on this visa now ,will it stand cancelled as I dint join the college which I itended to.What is my prospective of going to US on same visa or should I get a H1 to go from here( coz i wanna go for job)
What is his prospective ,will the reason that the field officer wasnt aware or something will suffice.Can he get a H1 visa or is it better to try for canada. Can you give information regarding this. Thank you in advance