ESTA entry and Covid-19

Hi all
My elderly parents are currently in Florida as they are each year on a ESTA visa waiver. For their health and with the current environment Florida is probably the safest place for them.
The I-94 expires on May 21st and originally we had planned to fly them back to the UK on May 5. With the current situation (obv can change at any time) but does anyone know if this could be extended? Or what we should do for the best if borders are not opened and they can not fly to UK by this date. My father has COPD so flying may not be the best situation for them at this time
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VWP visitors cannot apply for Extension of Status or Change of Status. There is something called Satisfactory Departure for VWP visitors who cannot depart on time due to an emergency. If you google for "covid satisfactory departure" there are some reports that CBP at certain airports like JFK are granting Satisfactory Departure for VWP visitors who entered at those airports, but I am not sure whether they are doing that at the airports in Florida.
Many thanks for your response, using that search I found the email for Orlando so will send them a mail within the 14 days before travel as stated