Entrepreneurship opportunity during the OPT period under F1-Visa.


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Hi All,
As an opt student having a full time job, I would like to become an entrepreneur. However, I have a couple of questions before I kickoff my interests.

1. Since my business will be done online and also world wide (but can say 90% of customers will be USA based), is it beneficial/right (legally) to start an Company/LLC/Corporation in USA or in my home country (Country of Citizenship) or off shore?

2. Based on where I will be setting up my company/LLC/Corporation, what are all the legal filings/registrations I would have to go through in both my home country (country of citizenship) and the countries that my business is connected with (in this case, USA)?

I know this can be exhaustive as I have been exploring the options, so I would appreciate it if you could point me in a right direction where I can research more or culminate.

Note: I would still like to continue in my current full time job (maybe for a while), while I am exploring my interests.

Please let me know if this post is in an inappropriate place. I will act on it accordingly.