EB3 to EB2 porting risk

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    I need to understand the risks correctly.
    I am currently on EAD and 485 pending based on EB3 PD of Mar 2004
    No longer working for sponsoring employer.

    I am thinking of apply in EB2 PERM and I 140 via new employer

    IF I 140 for newer EB2 labor gets denied then does that impact pending 485?
    IF attorny just puts my A# on the EB2 140 application USCIS can link it to my pending 485 and link those 2?

    What is safe way here?
    I don't have AP as I didn't renew it, (don't have plans to go to India) so CP is out of question?
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    ---> If you are not on H1, so you should better have the AP. In case of family emergency or need to travel then AP will be only way to travel and come back. Better always have valid AP unless you are on H1.
    Good luck.
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